Where the best applications are?

Write a brief description of each alternative vehicle type below. Include in your description how the system works, where the best applications are, and why this system is considered renewable. I just need to know where the best APPLICATIONS are!????? HELP PLEASE

Hybrid Electric vehicle

High Performance Diesel vehicle

Biodiesel vehicle

Flex Fuel vehicle

Ethanol vehicle

Hydrogen vehicle

Propane vehicle

Natural Gas vehicle

Electric vehicle

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  • Kano
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    5 years ago
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    Hybrid probably the most efficient, but high cost.

    Diesel the one I choose, efficient, economical, durable long lasting low maintenance engine.

    biodiesel. bad for the environment one acre of soybeans will only produce 66 gals of diesel, imagine how much land is used up.

    Flex fuel? no idea

    Ethanol bad for the environment.

    Hydrogen a bomb on wheels

    Propane inconvenient,

    Natural gas also inconvenient (I dislike highly pressurized containers in a car)

    Electric car if you think about how electricity is generated, transmitted, battery charging and battery losses, they actually emit more CO2 than gasoline vehicles, okay for golf courses.

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