Pokemon breeding question?

I put a clefable and ditto in the daycare, do they both need to level up by one in order to have an egg? Or can i just put them in there, and them not leveling up, and still get an egg? also, how will i know if i got an egg? does it appear in my party or does the lady tell me and give it to me? And can wigglytuff breed with ditto to get igglybuff, chansey with ditto to breed happiny? Leaf green generation

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  • Thomas
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    4 years ago
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    Every 256 steps or so there's a chance of them having an Egg. You need to collect it from the Daycare. In almost all games there's some indication - usually the guy outside the daycare is in a different place when there's an egg.

    Wigglytuff + Ditto > Igglybuff Egg.

    Chansey + Ditto > Happiny Egg *only if* Chansey is holding the right incense.

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