Did I do something wrong during the video job interview?

The interviewer blocked 1 hour on his schedule for the interview. The interviewer asked that I go over my resume, and after he will ask me a few questions. I went over my resume, and after the interviewer asked if I had any questions. I answered them. The interviewer yawned twice in the beginning of my introduction and when I was speaking. I did not take it personal I kept speaking (I said to myself that's a first). After he asked if I had any questions, I asked two questions. The interview ended at 4:15 pm. Towards the end of the conversation he said you will be hearing from the hiring manager. Did I do something wrong?

Pros: I was confident.

Cons: I was nervous because I had to call in from my cellphone, while glancing over to look at my resume and make eye contact while looking directly at the camera.

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  • 5 years ago
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    Why do you think you did something wrong? Sounds like he was tired.. did the interview last the full hour? You didn't say when it started.

  • 5 years ago

    If he said the hiring manager is going to contact you, why do you think you did something wrong?

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