Danielle asked in HealthMental Health · 5 years ago

How to become more independent?

Hi guys I m really depended on other people, it s a safety thing for me And it s really becoming an issue at school. If some of my friends are absent I will often skip school or get major anxiety. I wish I could walk confidently alone through the hallways, or even eat lunch alone sometimes(I really genuinely enjoy alone time) I m just always worried about being judged and feeling awkward

What to do?

1 Answer

  • 5 years ago

    there is nothing to be introvert! but if you are independent, the biggest problem is you will not be creative as if you always copy from other people. therefore, just try to sit and think what you really want from your life and also what can help you is to keep your friends to separate groups (study friend, play friend, chill friends...) this way at least you will be a mixture!!

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