How does weather change make people sick?

My biology teacher was sick once, her immune system is weak! One of the students say because of the weather change, help pls?? why does weather change make people ill?

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  • 4 years ago
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    Some diseases like arthritis, react to cold and moist weather. It increase the pain and discomfort. People with psoriasis and skin eczema will react positively to sunlight. There are certainly other diseases that react to the weather.

    Then there is the psychosomatic effect of bad weather. We still have the genes of the hunter-gatherers we once were and bad weather meant, no hunting and no food.

    Last but not least, a cold resulting from a rhino virus infection, has nothing to do with the cold weather other than:

    During the winter, we tend to stay more indoors, thus contaminating each other more often and; the rhino virus and the influenza virus survive longer in very dry air, as it is the case during the winter. But you must be in contact with the virus to get sick. The cold temperature doesn't do anything in itself.

    However, if you are exposed to a very intense cooling, it may trigger an immunity reaction that may cause a viral or bacterial pneumonia. The cooling down of the body is then only the trigger to a reaction.

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