Ramadan: Why the world is Against Putin and Assad?


It seems like everyone is cooperating with the enemies like ISIS to get rid of Assad, why is that? is it like when the U.S join Bin Laden and gave him billions of dollars to get rid of Russia?

They are two handsome gentlemen, its hard to find a hot president these days.

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    Basically, because they are one some of a few Presidents who are not in our pockets.

    Putin is the best President Russia has ever had. He has a 97% approval rating. Of course that is because he does what the Russian people want. He could care less about what the world outside of Russia thinks of him, and as our competitor for world trade and power, we fight him tooth and nail.

    Assad is the elected President of Syria. Over 50% of Syrians approve of him. He mishandled some demonstrations in 2011, so the US, Israel, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia saw an opportunity to overthrow him by giving arms to his enemies, starting the Syrian Civil War. Unfortunately, there are hardly any moderate Syrians who oppose Assad, so most of the weapons we and our allies gave were given to radical Islamic jihadists in Al Nusra and ISIS.

    When Iraq's President Maliki stepped down and Assad turned over his poison gas, Obama agreed to stop supporting ISIS and started bombing them. Syria has a mutual defense agreement with Russia, so Putin recently decided to take action against ISIS directly and has made more progress against ISIS in a couple of weeks than we have in a month. That is because we are conflicted because we still want Assad out. Assad has no serious moderate opposition, so if ISIS goes, Assad will stay.

    Turkey's Erdogan still supports Al Nusra/ISIS by buying their oil and bombs the Kurds, who we won't fully support because Turkey hates them and they are neutral towards Assad. Turkey will not join a coalition to fight ISIS and it is even rumored they helped frame Assad for the poison gas attack in order to get us directly involved. I am guessing that Turkey's attack on a Russian plane is designed to get them to back off, get NATO involved against the Russians, and take the pressure off ISIS to prolong the war and wear Assad and the Kurds down.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    America hates Vladimir Putin because he doesn't do as he is told by them. You know how America is like, they like to control every countries governemt.

    The governments across every country may be against them but the people are not. Most Americans, britains, Germans etc would prefer if they had Putin as their government.

  • ?
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    4 years ago

    I wouldn't say the World is against them. Maybe some people are against them, and some for them; but, the majority are neutral.

    Why are some people supporting ISIS, al Qaeda etc? Because they support Islamic Jihad.

  • Anonny
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    4 years ago

    You guys need to stop talkign about these issues,

    you may just have your home raided

    and are probably being monitored right now

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  • 4 years ago

    Because they are puppets of the Shia and will receive a painful punishment!

  • 4 years ago

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