Sao read list... or is there an omnibus you can buy with all of them?

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  • 4 years ago
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    Sword Art Online read list? Well it is honestly very complicated because Reki Kawahara is the guy who made the story and writes all of the novels; however, several others have made manga adaptations to his work to fit certain audiences.

    Also, the order the books are writen does not coincide with the timeline of the story. For instance the first book is about the beginning and ending of the Aincrad arch. The second book fills in some of the Aincrad arch's gaps in the first book. After the first two books it becomes much more linear with the third book onward.

    There is also a second series just focused on the Aincrad arch called Sword Art Online Progressive. It is focused on following Kirito from floor 1-75 day by day adventures. There are some contradictions in it with the main story, but Reki Kawahara acknowledges that because it is such a large task being undertaken.

    My best recommendation is to simply buy all of the books and read them in the order that makes sense to you. They are all great books!

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