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Do you think Obama or any future or past US president knows or was informed by US military about Aliens or being kept form them?

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    Of course some presidents were informed, but not all. It's difficult to know who was briefed and what they believed. Obama is a liberal who tried to initiate transparency. I doubt he was informed. Dick Cheney was informed. When asked by Grant Cameron if he had been briefed on UFO's, he said "I'm sure if I had been briefed that would be classified." What does that tell you? When Jimmy Carter asked CIA head HW Bush for UFO information, he was basically told his clearance wasn't high enough. HW was a former head of the CIA, so as president he would have been kept in the loop. The shadow government operates on a different hierarchy and different set of rules.

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    Yes. I was in the Air Farce. I saw them in the fridge at Area 51-B.

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