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What is it like to live in Texas? For instance Houston,Austin,Dallas? Also how does it compare to other cities like LA or Seattle? Thanks?

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    I was born and raised in Dallas, but I've lived in Arkansas, and North Carolina. (I also have a lot of family in both California, and New York that I visit pretty often)

    I enjoyed it. There is plenty to do. It's very humid, from the moisture the Gulf brings in, mixed with the heat. It's also in the lower part of Tornado Valley. During spring, and end of summer there are a lot of storms that roll in. Winter is normally mild, but we have had snow the last few years. Summers can reach temps of 110 regularly.

    The people are nice, but like any city you ever go to, it's diverse. Amazing food. TexMex is the best thing on earth when it comes to cuisine.

    Austin, and Dallas are definitely more relaxed and Liberal areas. You have a lot of people there who politically lean left. When you get out into the country, and rural areas, it tends to lean more conservative.

    Like Southern California, there are a lot of hispanics in Texas. Some of the kids I grew up with moved to my area from LA. Their parents came when the riots were going down in the early 90s.

    Texas is very relaxed.

    Houston, and Dallas are business cities. Austin is the Capital, and a college town. San Antonio is a tourist area, with the Alamo- but it also has a ton of schools around it. Schlitterbahn is down there, too.

    Since moving out of Texas, and living in different areas, I've stopped comparing. There's no use. They all bring something great to the table. All three of those Texas cities are different in their own way.

    Dallas is Texas's 'Hollywood'. Anytime anyone thinks about Texas, Dallas will run through their mind. George W lives there. Dallas Cowboys. Texas Giant. State Fair.

    Austin is hippie central. Peace, Freedom, Art, Equality, Learning. SXSW. School. Adventure. Tattoos.

    Houston is NASA. Industrial. Oil. School. Business. Factory/Warehouse.

    San Antonio is Riverwalk. Alamo.

    Idk. They all have spunk.

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    Each city in Texas is quite different from the others, although there are some similarities. Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) is drier than Houston, El Paso is driest of all (in the desert). It does get hot in the summer, but then air conditioning is pretty much universal. Houston is a bit more blue collar than DFW, but it has nightlife which can be quite interesting. Austin is the tech center and resembles Silicon Valley in many ways. The link below, puts most of the cities you mention in the Texas Triangle, one of the 11 emerging mega-regions in the US. I saw a graph which listed the domestic migration to Texas and from where most people were hailing: California, Illinois, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, Florida, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado and Arizona. Culturally the state is a mix of Southern (although that has been increasingly watered down as non-Southerners have moved here. Interestingly, the greatest repository of "Southern culture" is the African American community, especially in an area called East Texas), Latino--Mexican, Central American, some Cuban and some South American, Great Plains culture--you really see that in DFW and surrounding communities of North Texas and the Panhandle, and Old West frontier carry-over--scattered throughout the state. I hope that helps.


    I have lived in Seattle and one thing that really stands out from there is the amount of sunshine, or lack of it. Seattle, though beautiful, is a case study in Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), as its cloudy skies are battleship gray 10 months of the year. Los Angeles has more sun, but it is quite crowded, has much more pollution and its increasing cost of living pretty much is pricing middle income folks out--the working poor started moving out before the middle class. Yet, I still like many things about Seattle and LA, but Texas is more affordable and it's much easier getting a job and you get diversity as well.

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    I've lived in a lot of American cities, including Seattle and Houston. Generally speaking they are all the same and getting more and more so as America becomes homogenized with national chains. You need to seek uniqueness.

    Biggest difference is going to be the weather. All of the cities in Texas have humidity, which isn't as big of an issue for the western states. Summer in Texas is very hot an humid. Summer in LA is hot and dry, summer in Seattle is cool relative to the others.

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    It sucks. Stay in, or go to, LA or Seattle

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    I'm from uk ...best city I have been to is CORPUS CHRISTIE ...loved it ..san Antonio is also nice ...

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