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Makeing money as a pilot?

Well this next summer ill be going to american flyers for school and ill come out with my privet pilot, ifr rating , commercial rating and my cfi. One of my friends likes to travel a lot and hates airlines what extra qualifications will i need to be his pilot as well as others i'm planing on buying a Cirrus Sr22t Gts if you need to know

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    Dear Pie in the Sky,

    If anyone is going to hire you to fly your own plane, then it's a no-go. That is an Air Taxi operation. In order to fly your own plane for hire (except in the case of local sightseeing), you will need a Part 135 Air Taxi certificate issued by the FAA. This requires a minimum of 500 flight hours experience for day VFR charters, 1,200 hours of experience for night or IFR charters, and commercial insurance. There is a lot of paperwork, it is expensive and very time-consuming to obtain a 135 certificate, and you will need an approved maintenance program, an approved base of operations, an approved recurrent training program, and an adequate record-keeping system. The only way you can get around that is if you are legal partners in the airplane or if your friend owns the plane and hires you to fly it under Part 91 operating regulations.

    The other issue with flying people around in a Cirrus is lack of all-weather capability and your overall lack of experience. Depending on where you live and fly, your friend will probably still have to take commercial flights quite often if he wants to be sure of arriving at destination on time. It would also be safer in many cases, r at least less likely to scare him in adverse weather. And, there is also the issue of distance and cost. For long flights a Cirrus is too slow and often impractical. It is also often going to be more expensive than buying an airline ticket when you take all costs into account including operating expenses, insurance, maintenance, recurrent training, airport fees, and taxes. There is also a lot of competition. It is very hard to make a profit flying charters in a small, piston-powered airplane.

    To clear up some terminology, they are private and commercial pilot CERTIFICATES. It is a Flight Instructor CERTIFICATE. It is an Instrument RATING and multiengine RATING.

    (p.s. it's spelled "making" and "private". A privet is an ornamental bush used for hedges. If you made such mistakes on a job application it would end up in the "circular file" in the corner)

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    Not too sure if you need an ATPL or not, others will chime in. You do need to communicate in written English language.

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    You need to improve your English.

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