How does growing up without a father affect one's life ?

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  • luke
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    5 years ago
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    it made my life much more difficult and messed up my childhood, but I've managed to thrive despite it. My father was an upper class guy, and my mother was too, but had severe bi polar and was very cruel. my dad died when I was a baby and my mother remarried many times. My dad left me his entire estate, but it was in my mothers control until I came of age. she was pretty and rich, so she attracted many men, but could only keep it together for a little while. i think she was married 4-5 times, mostly rich but lower class jewish guys. she kept our name though the whole time. even tried to convert me to judaism at one point, and when my ucle intervened i was sent to boarding school in switzerland and was not allowed in the home that was in my name..i owned it. she didn't want me staying with friends either bc that exposed her as a bad mother so at one point she even had me sent to a gulag type camp in north idaho. very abusive place which i escaped from. I was homeless for a while, but managed to get in touch with my fathers family back in europe and they looked after me some until i was able to get some of my assets. i finished school and went to university. i started investing in commercial real estate and became very wealthy in my own right. I now have my own family and am a fairly well adjusted guy.. some ptsd though..i get some recurring nightmares is all really. Im a very happy person, but it took alot of struggling and fighting to get here.

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    Growing up without a father in most cases causes insecurity. And it depends on the sex of the child. If a boy does not have one then his only role model will be a woman and he will therefore b=have the emotions and behaviors of a woman. A girl who doesn't have one will typically only have problems in her love life because she won't know what to look for in a male or how to be treated by one. She'll possibly fall into a lot of bad relationships. That or she'll wound up having a lot of hatred for men. Or she'll never get close to a man thinking that she'll be hurt.

  • 5 years ago

    i don't think it has to. the only thing that affects ones life is society and the hang ups it attacks its citizens with. the nuclear family is a silly ideal invented by add men. Life can be just fine if people left other people alone.

  • 5 years ago

    it probably depends on if you had your mom being a fatherly figure or if you had uncles do that, everyone is different so it affects people different

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