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New kitten wont stop hiding and meowing?

I got a 2 month 2month kitten and she won t stop hiding and mowing and she won t drink or eat i tried giving her milk and she didn t drink it what should i do?

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  • 5 years ago
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    Try some Paul's lactose free milk or some other brand lactose free milk or even you could place some goats milk in the clean bowl - alternatively you could take the pet to a veterinary clinic as there could be something else wrong with your pets health - you don't want your pets health decline.

    Regarding the hiding issue - when I had a kitten 🐱 when used to live - my recommendation is to pick up your pet and pat it and / or pat it on the floor though you have to show you're not a threat it by staying extra calm or you may just get lucky 🍀 enough and your pet may grow out of it but I doubt it as the pet will likely get used to hiding and think it's alright and only come out when it's hungry or thirsty or it needs to go to the toilet

    Source(s): Used to have some pets such as cats and dogs
  • 5 years ago

    If its your first day shes scared. She just left her litter. I hope not people milk try kitten milk human milk will cause diahrrea. Give em time. If they let you hold and comfort them.

  • 5 years ago

    She's probably just adjusting.

    Give her some time and space, and make sure to not overwhelm her

  • kelvin
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    5 years ago

    sounds to me like the cat is in a new area and needs time to get used to it and just give it a little bit of water

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  • Amber
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    5 years ago

    You just got the cat. It's a new world for her. Give her time and leave her be.

  • 5 years ago

    Put a small bowl one with water and one with food (cat tuna) and leave.you will see she will come out but wait awhile.if she doesn't come out you have to get her out and put her in a crate

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