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Is the .45 ACP powerful than the 9mm?

Because the .45 is bigger than the 9mm. I have 2 pistols, which is a .45, and a 9mm. I had my .45 for 9 months, and had my 9mm for a week. I heard the .45 is a stopping power for your target.

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    45 ACP is more powerful in the sense that it has more kinetic energy. In terms of stopping power, study after study has shown that the difference in effectiveness between 9mm and 45 ACP is less than statistical error.

    Both have the same marginal effectiveness. In comparison to both, the percentage of 1 shot stop (one measure of stopping power) is 20% higher with 357 mag, 60% higher with rifle cartridges, and 70% higher with a shotgun.

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    Two of the most common handgun cartridges for more that 100 years. The .45 ACP vs 9mm Luger debate has been raging since the cartridges were first invented in the first decade of the 20th century. (Note that it is important to specify "9mm Luger" or "9x19mm Parabellum" as there are at least a dozen other 9mm handgun cartridges available that are not equivalent.)

    You are not asking the right question. On paper .45 ACP has a larger diameter, heavier bullet, that has a bit more energy than its higher velocity 9mm Luger counterpart. So given one and only one well-placed shot, the .45 ACP will probably do more damage. However, in the real world (when you have a moving, determined target and the defender is under pressure of live and death), one stop shots are not guaranteed, nor are even center mass shots, so the disadvantages of .45 ACP vs 9mm Luger are:

    - heavier recoil, potentially making follow up shots slower and/or less accurate

    - lower capacity in handguns, fewer follow-up shots available

    - more expensive, making skills training and proficiency more costly

    The recently popular .40 S&W has tried to be a compromise between the two calibers, but recently shows signs of falling out of favor in the law enforcement world for the 9mm Luger.

    Modern 9mm Luger JHP ammo has demonstrated an effective defensive capability similar to .45 ACP without the disadvantages. Additionally, the faster, narrower 9mm Luger bullet has superior barrier penetration abilities. For those reason even the FBI produced a study that suggest 9mm Luger is the better self defense caliber.

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    In general it is slightly more "powerful" but there are some 9mm loads that carry more kinetic energy than some 45 ACP loads. Force=mass x acceleration, a heavy object moving slow and a lighter object moving fast can carry the same energy. The overall difference is negligible in real life, hitting the target is most important and both cartridges are plenty in terms of "power" if you hit what your aiming at. 45 ACP does generate more recoil than 9mm and will hold less rounds, for concealed carry, guns in 45 ACP typically have a thicker frame that may print more also. In terms of ballistic performance I do favor the 185 GR +P 45 ACP load for a home defense pistol, though it does have a bit more recoil than stand 230 GR 45 loads. 9mm is all I need in a carry gun and is ample even for home defense. Most people will shoot better with 9mm, speed and accuracy are more important than power when the difference isn't so great to start.

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    Yes, the .45 ACP is a much better man stopper than the 9mm.

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    Yes, the bullet from a .45 has more energy, is larger in diameter and mass than the 9mm.

    "Stopping power" also depends on the type of bullet used. Jacketed bullets have a greater ability to go through flesh and waste energy in material behind the target rather than expanding and delivering full force to the target.

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    Yes, because the power of a cartridge is directly proportional to how long you've owned it.

    Not really sure what "a stopping power" is, but sure, I think you should definitely do that.

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      Well, no ѕhit. But when you phrase it as "a stopping power," you don't exactly inspire confidence you can even think clearly, let alone study something as complex as the terminal kinetic energy as imparted upon human physiology.

      Maybe you should study english instead of ballistics. Just a thought.

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