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Hi! I'm looking for a comic publisher that I can get started with. I'm looking for a comic publisher that will accept amateur creative teams (or just finished comic scripts), and accept any genre. (no kid comics though) Thanks in advance!

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  • 4 years ago
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    Most won't, they get swamped constantly. The big two - DC and Marvel - have their own writers and never look at unsolicited work just on the basic principle that nobody can then sue them for 'using' what they previously sent as ideas.

    If you did a basic google search on 'submitting to comic publishers' you'd find sites that list who accepts and who does not, which need you to submit through an agent and those who look at unsolicited stuff.

    Thing is, it HAS to be publication ready, which means no half assed work, it needs to be in the correct format, and using all the rules graphic novels and comics require. You can find that information online too, if you do your basic research.

    The two books Drawing Words And Writing Pictures plus Mastering Comics are invaluable, get them. There's some up on Amazon in their used book section.

    As 'The Shadow' said, there's always self publishing. King Cat does that, so does Sluggy Freelance, Girl Genius, and a ton of others. They bypass the official publishers completely. I know of many sf fandom who do their own work and self publish. I've done chapbooks myself, and made a profit on it, with my cartoon strips.

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  • 4 years ago

    UK comic 2000AD accept submissions from new writers and artists.

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