A girl threatened me.?

Today at lunch I was hanging out with my friend, let's call him Spencer. A girl, let's call her Amanda, came by. I don't know much about Amanda aside from she is overly clingy and very annoying (at least according to my friends) I haven't talked to her enough for her to get clingy but she is pretty annoying, she's that one kid you know, she does that thing from seventh grade where she hides your stuff and the whole class is giggling while you try to find it except nobody is laughing because we're sophomores not seventh graders. Well Amanda has an evident crush on Spencer. I was teasing Spencer a bit and we were laughing and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder (not a hug, an arm wrap). After the bell rang I decided to give her some pointers so she wasn't alone in her highschool life. "If you're funny he hugs you," I say to her an and in response she says, "get in my way, and i will end you." Should I try to deal with this on my own, I could tell her I'm lesbian (which I am and I'm open) or should I tell the principle. I feel I should tell the principle more for the safety of Spencer than myself.

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  • luke
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    5 years ago
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    i think you should put this girl in her place. she sounds jewish even. the charge would be terrorstic threats and its a felony. see if they like her little games in jail.

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