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I honestly have no idea how to go about this question. Please help!

An automobile having a mass of 650 kg is

driven into a brick wall in a safety test. The

bumper behaves like a spring of constant

7.47 × 106 N/m and compresses 2.7 cm as

the car is brought to rest.

What was the speed of the car before impact,

assuming no energy was lost during impact

with the wall?

Answer in units of m/s

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    SPE = 1/2kx² = (0.5)(7.47E6)(0.027)² = 2723 J

    KE of car = SPE

    1/2mV² = 2723

    V² = 5446/650 = 8.3785

    V = 2.89 m/s ANS

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