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Why Sam Mendes destroyed the Bond installment?

He started by exploding MI6, killing the iconic Q, replacing him with programmer-like, young and inexperienced Q. Who need a gun with fingerprint recognition(although it was useful)? He doesn't even cracked the code in Skyfall and blame people for his mistake. Sam also gave Bond a gay enemy, he also killed M. In Spectre he gave Bond a stupid Q's invention called smart blood which doesn't even have a function. And after years, Craig's Bond finnaly have a chance to kill the mastermind of all the crime he has fought. And now, he ignored that chance. So there are only two possibilities, 1) There will be no more Bond movies starring Craig 2) He end up in the next movie, killing again

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    Mendes did Skyfall as well, which is, in my opinion, the best Bond movie to date. You can be pissed about Silver being bi/gay all you want, but Bardem's performance was amazingly creepy and psychotic. For all we know that moment with Bond wasn't even genuine, just a tactic to throw Bond off and make him crack. All we know for sure is that Silver was a sociopath with an axe to grind, and it worked.

    I agree that Spectre was mediocre at best. The entire movie was contrived and predictable, with so much product placement I wanted to punch someone. I honestly think that's what pushed Craig over the edge. Craig is done with Bond. He's said so himself. But blaming Mendes would be barking up the wrong tree. A director only has so much control over the product, and Spectre felt like Sony executives and producers stepped in and said, "hey after all the crap that happened last year we're hurting for money. Let's capitalize on Skyfall's success and milk this bit*h as much as we possibly can," and they ruined it. So now I'm adding Sony to my sh*t list of media production companies who ruined a perfectly good franchise by getting greedy.

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    Sam Mendes Gay

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    did you even watch Spectre?

    your comment on the smart blood shows you must not have

    it was nanobites to keep track of Bond's locaton, thats all

    they only mentioned this like 100 times throughout the movie

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    no, I think it was producers Michael G. Wilson & Barbara Broccoli that apparently controled the creation of Casino Spoyaled;

    they misused craig whom i really liked in Layer Cake, his last movie b4 Bond, a UK coke-gang drama.

    they made him a robotic, steroidal, grunting English soccer thug.


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