Who would win these matches(EWE)?

WQ: What’s the main event of WWE T.L.C. next month?(give me an educated guess on what you’d expect)

Results from ‘Halloween Havoc’: Seth Rollins d. Dolph Ziggler, James Storm d. RVD via ‘Last Call’ after Van Dam was struck with Storm’s trademark beer bottle, Manik & Sanada strike gold dethroning The Wolves to become Tag Champs, Sam Shaw captures the IC belt against Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy d. Dean Ambrose winning the world title for a 2nd time.

Event#1: ‘The Revolution’ make their way to the ring. James Storm followed by new tag title holders, Manik & The Great Sanada. Storm states the Revolution had such a strong showing at the PPV that makes Storm new #1 Contender to the world title. *Shield’s music plays as Ambrose & Rollins make their way to the ring through the crowd* In the ring, Dean tells Storm he’s gotta ways to go before gaining a title opportunity. Ambrose still has a rematch. Storm asks if that’s a threat or a promise? Dean says “you wanna find out?” They go face to face, Storm says not tonight as The Revolution flees the ring.

1. Rob Van Dam vs. Randy Orton

2. The Wolves vs. The Addiction

3. Tyson Kidd(X-title holder) vs. Dolph Ziggler

- GM Ted DiBiase states that he’s made tonight’s main event Revolution against The Shield. Wishes luck to both teams.

4. EXTREME RULEZ: Tommy Dreamer vs. Sabu

- *James Storm, with ‘Feast Or Fired’ world title case in hand makes his way to the ring alongside his Revolution for tonight’s main event.*


MAIN EVENT: The Shield(Rollins/Ambrose) vs. Manik & Sanada(c)

*After the match*: James Storm blindsides Rollins hitting him over the head with the briefcase. Ambrose attempts to fight back, but to no avail as he falls victim to the numbers game. Manik & Sanada beat down Ambrose, then pick him to standing position as Storm hits him over the head with the case as well. The Revolution stands tall as tonight’s show comes to a close.

Update 2:

Give tonight’s edition of EWE a rating, answer the WQ above, and rate the show plz? Greatly appreciated & as always thnx for viewing. <3

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    1. Randy Orton

    2. The Addiction

    3. Dolph Ziggler New Champ

    4. EXTREME RULEZ: Tommy Dreamer vs. Sabu

    5. MAIN EVENT: The Shield

    7.5/10 rating

    WQ: The Wolves vs. The Addiction vs Manik & Sanada TLC for the tag team titles

    RE: WQ Dudleys vs New Day vs Usos for the tag titles

    • What I meant in the WQ was actual WWE what you think the main event of TLC is gonna be, not my show. I don't have a "TLC" PPV as I see gimmick PPV's as pointless in a way.

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