How are college football rankings work?

How does a team like Ohio state become as big as they are. I'm wondering because Mount Union, a division 3 team in Ohio just flat out destroys their opponents. How would a team like them make their way up to being a ranked college football team if they continue to be good. Also are ranked teams all have to be division 1. One last question is how do teams like mount Union get into the big national division like SEC and big 10?

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    College football rankings are the sum of the rankings by a group of people (usually sports writers and/or coaches). Each person makes a personal ranking. Points are assign to a place (such as 1st=25 pts, 2nd=24 pts, etc.) The points are added up for each team from each person's personal ranking. The teams are then ranked in order of how many points they received.

    Ohio State become as big as they are because of their consistent success. The reason they are successful is because they can recruit good players. The reason they can recruit good players is because they can afford good coaches and new facilities. The high schools in Ohio also produce a lot of quality players which Ohio State has very little in-state competition to recruit against.

    Mount Union is actually ranked #1 in both the AFCA Coaches poll and the poll. As stated above each division has their own rankings. In order for Mount Union to get ranked with teams like Ohio State, they would have to move up to the D1 FBS division.

    I won't say that Mount Union would never be D1, but they have a lot of hurdles to get there. There first hurdle would be moving from D3 to D2. The big difference between the divisions is that in D2 schools give out athletic scholarships. Most schools in D3 stay in D3 because they do not have to give out scholarships, which is a bit of a financial burden, especially for small schools.

    Another hurdle is that when a school moves up a division, all sports move up. So just because a football team may be able to compete at the next level, the question is if all teams could compete at the next level. Moving up a division also means the school would have to find a new conference to play in. If they can't find one, they can play as an independent, but scheduling may be difficult. Jumping from D2 to D1, finances play a larges role. Competition in all sports is also a big question as well.

    If, somehow, some way, Mount Union becomes D1, their football team would be put into the D1 FCS subdivision, which is a step below D1 FBS. If they somehow, some way, show they can compete with the big schools, they will most likely have to wait until an other teams start jumping conferences.

    A few years ago, When the Big East stopped playing football, a lot of their former teams went to other conferences. The remaining teams formed the American Athletic Conference. They needed more schools, so they raided C-USA, C-USA turned around an took team from the Sun Belt. The Sun Belt took some teams from the now defunct WAC, but also brought in D1 FCS schools Georgia Southern and Appalachian State. (see link)

    To conclude in order for Mount Union to get into conferences like the Big10 or SEC, they have to have competitive sports teams, similar academics, a large fan base, a financially viable athletic department, and a marketable TV market.

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    so for your 2nd question Division 1, Division 2,Division 3 all have separate rankings. question 3 a team gets into a higher division when the school has more money,popularity and the 3rd most important thing is if they can beat Div 1 or 2 teams. teams become as big as that because of money and popularity and when a team goes 10-0 and is rich and popular is more likely to be no.1 then a 10-0 team who is poor and not popular. also if you are in a conference that is very powerful then if you do good you are most likely to be ranked.

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    Mount Union will never be ranked with D1 schools..

    Mount Union is like a pee-wee league team vs. the Buckeyes.

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