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Which of these were your favorite WWE Superstars of the early 2000's (2000-2002) from the top 50 list?

Top 50:

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

2. The Rock

3. Triple H

4. The Undertaker

5. Kurt Angle

6. Brock Lesnar

7. Kane

8. The Big Show

9. Shawn Michaels

10. Chris Jericho

11. Rob Van Dam

12. Booker T

13. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

14. Edge and Christian

15. The Hardy Boyz

16. The Dudley Boyz

17. Chris Benoit

18. The New Age Outlaws

19. X-Pac

20. Mick Foley

21. Rikishi & Too Cool

22. Rey Mysterio

23. The APA

24. Ric Flair

25. The Outsiders

26. William Regal

27. Tazz

28. The Radicalz

29. Eddie Guerrero

30. The Holly Cousins

31. Test

32. X-Factor

33. Raven

34. Rhyno

35. Goldust

36. Vince McMahon

37. Shane McMahon

38. The Hurricane

39. Mark Henry

40. Tajiri

41. Kai En Tai

42. Lance Storm

43. John Cena

44. The Big Boss Man

45. Diamond Dallas Page

46. Randy Orton

47. Right to Censor

48. Jamie Noble

49. Chavo Guerrero

50. Billy Kidman

Honorable Mention: "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith, Al Snow, The Headbangers, Essa Rios, Gangrel, Viscera, Mideon, Jerry Lynn, "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, Mike Awesome, The Natural Born Thrillers, Shawn Stasiak, Mark Jindrak, Haku, Hugh Morrus, "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman, Chris Kanyon, Tommy Dreamer, KroniK, D'Lo Brown, Maven, Deacon Batista, Rico, 3-Minute Warning, and Shannon Moore

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  • 4 years ago
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    1. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Made WWE worth watching at the time with his matches and promos.

    2. The Rock - Just like Austin, he made WWE worth watching with his matches and promos.

    4. The Undertaker - Had the best gimmick in the WWE

    5. Kurt Angle - Best in-ring technician in the WWE, not to mention a funny, goofy character

    6. Brock Lesnar - Best powerhouse wrestler in the WWE

    7. Kane - Best gimmick in the WWE along with Undertaker

    10. Chris Jericho - Like Austin and Rock, made WWE worth watching with his matches and promos

    11. Rob Van Dam - Amazing high-flying moves

    12. Booker T - Like Austin, Rock, and Jericho, made WWE worth watching with his matches and promos

    14. Edge and Christian - Funny tag team and skilled in the ring

    15. The Hardy Boyz - The best and most exciting high-flying tag team

    21. Rikishi - Funny wrestler when doing the Stinkface and his signature dance moves with Too Cool

    22. Rey Mysterio - Best high-flyer in the WWE

    23. The APA - Possibly the most unique tag team in the WWE with their protection services.

    27. Tazz - Good all-around hardcore and technical wrestler in the ring and on the mic.

    29. Eddie Guerrero - Very talented all-around wrestler with great mic skills

    43. John Cena - Early John Cena was very promising, had more moves, and entertaining on the mic.

    44. The Big Boss Man - Good all-around wrestler with possibly underrated mic skills/

    45. Diamond Dallas Page - Though buried in WWE, in WCW, he made it worth watching.

    46. Randy Orton - Possibly has the best character and in-ring style in WWE today

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  • 4 years ago

    chris jericho

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