Is my Pokemon Team good for Competition?

I have a Luxray, Torterra, Gyrados, Gallade, Staraptor and Rapidash

Luxray Lv: 50 (No Item) Intimidate

Atk: 141, Def: 112, Sp. Atk.: 95, Sp. Def: 91, Speed: 91 Nature: Docile

Thunder Bolt


Super Power

Ice Fang

Torterra Lv: 50 (Soft sand) Overgrow

Atk: 147, Def: 115, Sp. Atk: 104, Sp. Def: 108, Speed: 102 Nature: Quiet

Giga Drain


Rock Climb


Gallade Lv: 50 (Twisted Spoon) I may switch to nevermelt Ice) Trace

Atk: 159, Def: 91, Sp. Atk: 98, Sp. Def: 130, Speed: 110 Nature: Bashful

Psycho Cut

Ice Punch

Calm Mind


Staraptor Lv:50 (Choice Band) Intimidate

Atk: 145, Def: 86, Sp.Atk: 84, Sp. Def: 97, Speed: 155 Nature: Gentle

Brave Bird

Close Combat

Aerial Ace


Rapidash Lv:50 (Charcoal) Flash Fire

Atk: 122, Def: 98, Sp. Atk: 115, Sp. Def: 100, Speed: 132


Sunny Day


Flare Blitz

Gyrados Lv:50 (Mystic Water) Intimidate

Atk: 160, Def: 100, Sp. Atk: 96, Sp. Def:118, Speed:125

Hydro Pump


Dragon Dance


Can someone rate and comment on what I should change if need be? Thanks! I'd really appreciate it

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  • 4 years ago
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    ur typing is very good but here are some suggestions

    1) Jolteon is better than luxray. u can get an eevee in hearthome city i guess(i am not sure)

    give him this moveset

    Thunderbolt ; STAB

    Signal Beam ; For grass types

    Charge Beam/Thunder Wave

    HP Ice/ Shadow Ball; Coverage

    If u get hp ice then replace signal beam with shadow ball

    2)Torterra has good attack but not very good sp.atk. So give him this moveset

    Seed Bomb/Wood Hammer ; STAB

    Earthquake ; STAB

    Stone Edge ; Best coverage move for torterra

    Curse/Leech Seed/Synthesis; Healing

    If any pokemon has sunny day then give it synthesis

    3)Replace Calm Mind and Psychic with Bulk Up and Drain Punch/Close Combat/Brick Break

    If u decide to give him drain punch then give him big root to hold

    4) Staraptor is good but u can replace it with togekiss. Also protect is no use for staraptor.

    For staraptor this is the best moveset:

    Brave Bird ; STAB

    Return ; Strong STAB

    Close Combat ; Coverage

    Roost ; Healing

    5) I strongly recommend to replace rapidash by houndoom and give him this awesome moveset

    Sunny Day

    Flamethrower; STAB and powered by Sunny day

    Dark Pulse ; STAB

    Solarbeam ; Best coverage move and executes in one turn because sunny day

    6) Gyarados has low sp atk. so give him this moveset

    Waterfall ; STAB

    Earthquake ; Coverage against electric

    Dragon Dance

    Bounce (or any nice move u like)

  • 4 years ago

    I forgot Rapidash has a Bashful nature and Gyrados has a Naive Nature

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