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Was Maria Menounos the first host of a tv show or celebrity show, to acknowledge that Miz is an A-list star?

Maria Menounos asked Paige how it felt working with a big star, an A-lister like the Miz.

It's about time someone said this about Miz. He is a talented actor, I think he is a better actor than the Rock. Miz is a great actor and I think he is an A-lister, as he has starred in great movies.

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    Probably But, The Miz is still not A-list star. He's mostly on DVDs. He's also not better Actor than The Great One...

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    I think she just might be but Miz isn't really A-list since his movies go straight to DVD

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    I think she was the first to say that about him. The Miz looked like he was happy she said that about him.

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    who cres about her

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