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All My Vape Friends?

So I have a atlantis v2 tank running on a Icloud 50W. I love it. But.. burnt my coil... the Atlantis came with a .3 ohm coil. But it says its recommended at 60 to 70 watts. Do you think it would be fine at 50 watts? NO H8 ON VAPING PLZ

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    Sure it will work at at 50watts but you will have pretty small clouds and not good flavor. These will work those for time being. The are recommended for 70-80watts I only use the 0.3 coils with my iStick 100watt.

    Given that your mod tops at 50watts i suggest the 0.5 coils which I find are best at 35-40watts. I use 0.5coils in my 75watt mod but only use 35watts great vape in terms of flavor and clouds

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    Start, low watts with a drop of juice in the coil, let it sit. If your getting burned coils your not getting juice into the coil. They all seem a little different (coils), juice even changes, use low MG nicotine juice 6 mG or lower on Sub Ohm coil/tanks. I use 3MG.

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    it will be just fine at the wattage

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