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What's the most reliable, best, and free antivirus you can download once you first purchase a gaming laptop?

Best as in the antivirus blocks all or most of the virus from websites.

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    If you are a home computer user

    there is absolutely no need to buy anti virus.

    The best free anti virus systems

    you can get at this moment in time are.

    Avira free >

    Note: No longer has ads for full version.

    The program is loved by the testing labs.

    Whether you check out AV-Test, AV-Comparatives or VB100 reports,

    Avira technology almost always scores very highly

    Real-World Protection Test ranked the program fifth out of 22 mostly commercial contenders,

    with the same 99.4% protection rate as the highly-rated Bitdefender and Kaspersky.

    (That's a typical score, not a fluke – sometimes Avira tops the list.)

    Bitdefender free >

    Note: very light on system resources, minimal user interface,

    you virtually just set it then forget it.

    to continue using it for more than a few days,

    you do need to create a bitdefender account and sign in to it using the anti virus system interface.

    Qihoo360 >

    Note: The main engine is Bitdefender

    which is accompanied by two other in-house scan engines,

    360 Cloud and QVM II which is a heuristics engine.

    Qihoo360 has higher reactive and proactive detection rates

    than all anti virus systems you would have to pay for.

    Latest version also includes The Avira Engine.

    if detection rates are your top priority then this package is hard to beat.

    NOTE: you are more likely to run in to a malware infection

    than you are an old fashioned type virus these days.

    so, an anti malware application is a must,

    malwarebytes being the best, but there are others to choose from.

    i would also recommend you use malwarebytes anti exploit

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    Most Reliable Antivirus

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    You are looking for something that will protect you no matter what you do. This program doesn't exist. I am very suspicious of rankings of various anti-virus programs saying that A is better than B and C is terrible. Notice that free versions of programs are seldom evaluated because magazines hope to influence prospective advertisers.

    Any of the major free anti-virus programs will protect you against viruses that are in the wild. There are viruses that only exist in their labs and are not seen in the wild. They have protection for these but if you are going to be reckless you are on your own. The message is here is to stay cautious.

    A bigger problem than viruses today is malware. Run Malwarebytes and CCleaner every month or so or whenever you have problems.

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    5 years ago

    If you dont have an anti virus and anti spyware, these are legal, legit and free, use them all;

    Zone alarm free firewall -

    Malwarebytes anti spyware

    Avast anti virus -

    A sandbox ghosts your OS on to a section of your hard drive, nothing in the sandbox can move itself outside it. You can surf safely without infecting your machine.

    Close the sandbox and everything is deleted.As long as you scan your downloads before moving them out of the sandbox, nothing can infect your pc.

    Finally add Spywareblaster browser anti hijack protection -

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