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Should I try eating beef again?

I'm allergic to beef, I loved it so much that from age 14-16 while I was living on my own I ate nothing but beef. Around age 17 I developed an intolerance. The main issues being diarrhea, extreme stomach cramps, pain like no one can believe, bloody stools, and sometimes even passing out from it all---It was hell. I mean half a burger would take me out of commission. I've lived frequently around Elk and Bison farms and learned to eat these because they're way better for me. Now I'm back in chicken country and we can't get lamb, bison, or elk anywhere and it's starting to ware on me. It's been two to three years since I even put beef in close proximity to my mouth. Recently though I've gotten healthy, purged my body, started clean living, shed 70-80 lbs and in that time other issues like my coffee, chocolate, and lactose intolerance have disappeared. I wonder if it might be time to jump back on the steer, because boy while Junior Chickens are the best damn thing at McD's sometimes a guy just wants a Big Mac.

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    Intolerances and allergies come and go all the time. Just because you have one now doesn't mean you'll have it in 20 years. You are correct as you already found out with the lactose, coffee and chocolate, and especially doing detox/cleanses a couple of times a year. If you pick up a copy of the book Prescription for Nutritional Healing, there is a section on allergies. You can get a used copy online or from a used bookstore for cheap, or just check it out of the library and photocopy the pages. It really goes into detail about figuring out allergies, and how long it takes to let things go through your system. It might be worth trying out beef again, but make sure it is clean beef -organic, no steroids or pesticides in the feed etc. And then just eat beef, not mixed with a bunch of other stuff, so you will be able to tell if you do get sick, that it was the beef and not something else. Then you can slowly reintroduce it back into your diet. But as an aside, and I presume you already are aware of this, because it happened when you ate beef every day all day, you will develop an allergy or intolerance, that is just naturally going to happen. So please don't do that again. You have to maintain variety of foods in your life.

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    If you've done without Big Macs all these years, you can do without them for a while longer. If I were you and wanted to try beef again, I'd look for some very good quality beef, organic grass-fed and all that stuff.

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    All you can do is give it a try! Just start small though- dont over do it and upset your stomach and body. Get some good quality beef, cook it properly and give it a go!!

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    I wanna try mutton and lamb, follow your dreams man

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