how do i filter out unwanted light in these pictures? i'm using adobe photoshop cc?

half the picture is fine, but its too blurry/bright to the far right

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  • Nahum
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    5 years ago
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    Ideally, you would reshoot the image, and place a strong screen on the window to keep the bright outdoor light from overpowering the indoor lighting. Next best would be to attach a lens hood or otherwise block the off-angle light from shining into the lens.

    In Photoshop, you won't be able to completely clear away the light leak, but you can counteract some of its effects. Try using a Solid Fill color layer set to Subtract blending mode. Use a radial gradient (white inside, black outside) to mask the effect; it should be centered beyond the right side of the image (about where the window would be), and extend about halfway into view. I got good results with color #09183e (a dark blue, which you can roughly find by subtracting the wall color from itself), which neutralizes the wall and makes the rightmost subject appear similarly lit as the center subject.

    You can then increase contrast using the Exposure adjustment, set to +1.00 Exposure and 0.75 Gamma Correction. Try using an Adjustment Layer so you can more easily fine-tune the settings.

    You can try other approaches as well, such as using a Divide layer with the faint blue color along the right side of the image (#b7c3cf) to illuminate the rest of the image (making the glow look more white).

    The image is pretty blurry to begin with. Try using the Unsharp Mask filter a couple of times at 25 strength and 3.5 radius.

  • 5 years ago

    I have not used photoshop, so I do not know what it has on its menus.

    I primarily use Linux at home and Windows at work. So I use "gimp" image editor in either if I need to adjust brightness and contrast of image files, resolution (to reduce file size), etc. The easiest way to adjust brightness and contrast is with Color > Curves, and you can drag the diagonal line into curves to improve the balance of light and dark areas.

  • 5 years ago

    play with levels and curves!!!

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