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Could I get taken away from my mom?

So im 15 and my mom smokes weed with my brother and sister who are 24 and 28. And i live in illinois so im not sure if its legal. But all the time it smells and thats always where my mom is, downstairs smoking. if they police happened to search my house would i get taken away? also my other sister who i think smokes on the lowkey lives here with her kids, would they get taken away too?

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    If it illegal in your state, yes. You are 15, and therefor a minor. So not only would they get charged with possession (over 8 grams is a felony), also with child endangerment. As for your sister, I'm not sure. Depending on the kids' ages, the police will either tell her she needs to move immediately, or asses the danger there, and take the kids away because of the danger. Also, they might get charged with providing a minor with ability to an illegal substance. (I don't know what the law is on that charge)

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    Let's not worry about that. Let's hope all will hold together until you can get to 18. Then up to you what you do with your life. Hopefully not start having babies and also smoking weed. Ideally you need to separate yourself from them to start a healthier life, in mean time be working on bettering yourself so you have a way out.

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    not sure since there is no reports about what is going on; police officer only go into one's home when there is reason. if you think you are in danger, you can file a report.

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    you probably would get taken away for that

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    they could yes If it is not legal in your state. But it would probably be a fine and maybe parenting classes.

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    It all depends on how much she smoked and if it's legal type.

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    5 years ago

    Most likely not.

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