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Professional Wrestling: Which Pro Wrestler is better "The Game'a" Triple H or Mr. ANDERSON - ANDERSON!?

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Because Mr. KENNEDY - KENNEDY! was having five even four star classics before facing Triple H & Randy Orton where he'd botch, be told he was getting sent down to development and got caught publicly ******** about John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon resulting in MR. ANDERSON - ANDERSON to be 'Future Endeavored'.

Do The People just go out of their way to defend anyone who was fired and did a live shoot, what is it with Professional Wrestling Promotions not being able to create their own brand/identity without World Wrestling Entertainment.

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    Triple H.

    Mr Anderson had a good push on his debut in WWE around 2005. He's defeated former world heavyweight champions like Booker T, Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels and Undertaker. He did won the United States Championship and Money in the bank. He's supposed to become the World Heavyweight Champion in 2007 Instead Edge to beat Undertaker but, He got injured. He's starting to becoming a injury prone around that time.

    He does botched during his matches. He claims that, he was released from his WWE contract is because fellow wrestler Randy Orton complained to WWE management that Anderson was too rough in the ring with him, citing a botched backdrop that caused Orton to land on his head and neck instead of on his back. This prompted Orton to complain to WWE management that Anderson was reckless and could potentially end the former's career.

    He also has said Randy Orton also persuaded his friend and fellow wrestler John Cena to complain to Vince McMahon about Anderson's in ring performance, which prompted McMahon to release Kennedy from his contract. He must have forgotten that, He's also on Steroids.

    Triple H has never get trouble or even get caught. He keeps himself safe. Maybe, He did something very stupid like the racist promo. That's about it. Triple H had more success than him. He's much better Wrestler with numerous of awesome matches throughout his career.

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    Wrestler Mr Anderson

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    HHH. Mr. Anderson was injury prone. Every big angle they had for him was canceled because he got injured and then was suspended for a Wellness Violation. I will give credit where it's due. He had a ton of charisma.

    HHH was a lot safer in the ring. He was never really injury prone. He had two major injuries but that's it. He also had better matches than Anderson.

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      first person to drop the money in the bank. and not be world champion.

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    Triple H is better because he recieved a massive push. Mr. kennedy (anderson) didnt receive any major pushes. HHH had the Mcmahon to push him.

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      He was also going to be put in a angle where he was Vince McMahon's son and feud with HHH leading to a match at Wrestlemania 24 but he got suspended.

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    I actually like both, obviously hhh has had a lot more success though.

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    the people are real.....teh internet is fake.

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