Im graduating with a BS in Environmental Studies. What Kind of jobs are out there that I can do with that?

Im only asking because I'm going to attend DPT school (I have all prereqs and a minor in Bio) . Only issue is that I might have to wait a year before I can enter becaus application deadlines are coming fast and I need to take the GRE.. Just as a backup what can I do with a BS in Environmental Studies and make good money that will also help with loans for Physical Therapy school

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    "A bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science will qualify one for work as a laboratory assistant, technician, technologist or research assistant in education, industry and government. It is also sufficient for nontechnical work in writing, illustration, sales, photography and legislation." -

    Some sample careers a BS in Environmental Science might lead you to are:

    • Conservation Scientists

    • Environmental Engineers

    • Environmental Inspectors

    • Foresters and Forestry Technicians

    • Wildlife Technicians

    Hope this helps, and good luck! :)

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