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Where will Toronto Star GM Alex Anthopolous land?

Where, when and for how much will Alex Anthopolous settle for?

He is the outgoing GM of the Toronto Blue Jays. Considered a Star FA for a front office spot. Rumor is he rejected a 5 year contract that would have made one of the highest paid GMs and had a opt-out option after the first year.

What can we expect from the guy famously known as the Ninja?

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    The reason the twerp stepped down is because he knew that last season was a good as it will ever be for him, and his team still came up short. Anthopoulos is Brian Cashman Lite, a clueless loser whose solution to a problem is to rent players and hope they can fit in on the team.

    That strategy failed for most of his career but he kept plugging away until he finally, improbably, got it right last year.

    His quitting will probably be a good thing for Toronto.

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    Firstly Alex was not offered a contract that would have made him one of the highest paid GM`s. His contract would have paid him about upper middle of the GM`s.

    He can only work for a team which has an aggressive owner willing to allow him leeway to follow his head. With Shapiro as president he would have had to justify his moves from a baseball and business point of view. With Beeston any time the Blue Jays were in the newspaper ahead of the Leafs or Raptors it was a good thing.

    Alex would thrive in a medium market city where baseball is king. But he would need a sympathetic president to protect him.

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