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Transferring files from Hard Drive to SSD?

So on my Windows 8 PC, I have my main Hard Drive that has a storage capacity of 100 GB. And it is almost FULL. I have already uninstalled some necessary and unnecessary programs like Google Drive, Dropbox, Photoshop. Google Earth etc. All other program files taking up the space are Microsoft files which I do not want to mess with.

So I also have another SSD that has a capacity of 2.72 TB (2720 GB) which is almost EMPTY. So I want to transfer all my files from Hard Drive to SSD so I can download Google Drive and other software.

But when I use softwares like EaseUs to clone Hard Drive to SSD, I get the error that says that the destination drive (my SSD) has insufficient space to partition and clone. I don't get it because my SSD has 2.73TB capacity compared to 100GB HHD.

So how should I fix this?


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  • Dave
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    4 years ago
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    Your C drive might be an SSD, but your 3T drive most certainly isn't (that's a $15,000 hard drive).

    Format it, see if that fixes the error.

    • Dave
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      4 years agoReport

      But with only 100G to work with (your user profile will take up a bunch of that with Windows), you want to offload everything you can.

      Start there.

  • Nahum
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    4 years ago

    Easeus might be having trouble with the large size of the 3 TB HDD. Try shrinking it to 1 TB or less (which you can do in Windows Disk Management).

    Alternatively, you can keep your programs on the faster SSD, and move your personal files to the HDD. You can easily relocate your profile folders by right-clicking > Properties > Location and using the Move button.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    If your SSD is completely empty, try reformatting it. It could be that the SSD has not been formatted which means it isn't prepared inside to store data.

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