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Any martial arts you can add to this ist?



American Kickboxing

Muay Thai





Wing Chun








Tai Chi





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    You have Taiji, Sanda and Wing Chun listed but you lump all Karate styles together some of which are very different from each other. You should either list styles or umbrella names for styles.

    There are hundreds more you could add.

    Some Japanese ones you will find in the West in addition to what you have listed.

    Jujitsu, Aikijutsu, Kenjutsu, Kendo, Kobudo, Iaido, Iaijutsu, Kyudo, Ninjutsu, Naginatajutsu, Sumo.

    Some Chinese ones and there are more than just that:

    Traditional (pre 1940) styles

    Bafaquan (八法拳) - Eight method

    Baguazhang (八卦掌; Bagua Zhang) - Eight trigrams palm

    Bājíquán (八極拳) - Eight extreme fists

    Bak Mei (白眉拳) - White Eyebrow

    Chāquán (查拳) - Cha Fist

    Changquan (長拳) - Long Fist

    Chuōjiǎo (戳腳) - Poking Feet

    Choy gar (蔡家拳) - Choi Family style

    Choi Li Fut (蔡李佛; Càilǐfó)

    Ditangquan (地躺拳) - Ground-Prone Fist, Ground Tumbling Boxing

    Duan Quan (短拳) - Short Range Boxing

    Emeiquan (峨嵋拳) - Emei Fist

    Fanzi (翻子拳) - Overturning Fist, Tumbling Boxing

    Five Ancestors (五祖拳) - Wuzuquan or Ngo Cho Kun

    Five Animals (五形)

    Fujian White Crane (福建白鶴拳) - also known as Bai He Quan (白鶴拳)

    Fu Jow Pai (虎爪派) - Tiger Claw System

    Fut Gar (佛家)- Buddhist Palm

    Gouquan (狗拳) - Dog Fist

    Hap Ga (俠家)

    Houquan (猴拳) - Monkey Fist

    Drunken Monkey (醉猴)

    Hei hu quan (黑虎拳) - Black Tiger Fist

    Huaquan (華拳) - China Fist

    Hung Fut (洪佛) - Hung and Buddha style kung fu

    Hung Ga (洪家拳; also known as Hung Kuen)

    Jing Wu Men (精武門) - Jing Wu, a famous school founded in Shanghai that teaches several different styles.

    Jow-Ga Kung Fu (周家) - Jow family style

    Lai Tung Pai - Shaolin Style that mixes long and short fist

    Lama Pai (喇嘛派)

    Leopard Kung Fu (豹拳)

    Li Gar (李家) - Li Family or Lee Family style

    Liuhebafa (六合八法; Liu He Ba Fa) - Six Harmonies, Eight Methods or Water Boxing

    Longquan (龙拳) - Dragon Fist

    Luohan Quan (羅漢拳) Arhat Boxing, Loh Han Kuen

    Meihuaquan (梅花拳) - Plum Blossom Fist

    Mian Quan (棉花拳擊) - Cotton Boxing

    Mizongyi (迷蹤拳; Mízōngquán) - Lost Track Fist (also known as My Jong Law Horn; 迷蹤羅漢拳)

    Mok Gar (莫家拳) Mok family style

    Nam Pai Chuan (南北拳) - North South Fist

    Nanquan (南拳) - Southern Fist

    Ng Ga Kuen - Five Family/Five Animal style (Hung, Mok, Li, Choy, Fut)

    Northern Praying Mantis (北派螳螂拳)

    Northern Shaolin (北少林) - Bei Shaolin

    Pào Chuí (炮捶) - Cannon Fist, Sanhaung Paochui

    Piguaquan (劈掛拳) - Chop-Hitch Fist, Axe-hitch boxing

    Shaolin Kung Fu (少林拳) - Shaolin Fist

    Shequan (蛇拳) - Snake Fist

    Shuai jiao (摔跤; Shuaijiao) - Chinese and Mongolian styles of wrestling

    Southern Praying Mantis (南派螳螂拳)

    Chow Gar (周家) - Chow Style Southern Praying Mantis

    Tàijíquán (太極拳; T'ai chi ch'uan; Tai Chi) - Supreme Ultimate fist

    Chen-style taijiquan

    Yang-style taijiquan

    Wu (Hao)-style taijiquan

    Wu-style taijiquan

    Sun-style taijiquan

    Tán Tuǐ (彈腿/譚腿) - Springing legs style

    Tibetan White Crane (白鶴派)

    Tien Shan Pai (天山派)

    Tongbeiquan (通背拳) - Through-the-Back Fist

    Wing Chun (詠春 or 永春)

    Wing Tsun (詠春)

    Ving Tsun

    Yǒngchūnquán (詠春拳)

    Wudang chuan (武當拳)

    Xingyiquan (形意拳; Hsing-i Chuan) - Form-Intent Fist

    Yau Kung Moon (软功門) - Flexible-Power Style

    Yingzhaoquan (鷹爪拳) - Eagle Claw Fist

    Yuejiaquan (岳家拳) - Yue family Fist/Boxing

    Yiquan (意拳; I Ch'uan) - Mind Boxing

    Zi Ran Men (自然门) - Natural Boxing or "fist of nature"

    Zui Quan (醉拳) - Drunk Fist

    Modern Chinese martial arts hybrids:

    Hong Cha

    Jeet Kune Do (振藩截拳道) - Bruce Lee's Way of the Intercepting Fist, it incorporates concepts from Chinese martial arts

    Jing Quan Dao (精拳道) - A modern synthetic style

    Kenpō - Japanese description of various Chinese arts

    Kuntao (拳道 or 拳頭) - Way of the Fist, a Hokkien term referring to Chinese martial arts practiced in Southeast Asia and Indonesia in particular

    Liu Seong Kuntao (also Liu Seong Gung Fu, Liu Seong Chuan Fa) - a Chinese art with Indonesian influence, practiced primarily in the United States

    Sanshou (散手) or Sanda (散打) - Free Fighting

    Shaolin-Do ( 少林道) - Translated as the Way of Shaolin

    Wushu (sport) (武術) - Exhibition sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts.

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      Thank you. I just jotted down as much as I could think of at the moment.

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    There are over 300 styes of kung fu, over 600 of japanese jujutsu, over 50 styles of karate, over 600 styles of iaido/kendo/kenjitsu, about 50 styles of kobudo, about 75 tae kwon do, 25 muay thai styles, over a 100 kali/arnis/escrima, over 700 silat.

    ANd that is only a had full of the 180 some odd countries, there are tens of thousands of styles. Your list barely scratches the surface.

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