How to describe someone killing herself with a knife.?

I'm writing a story where a princess kills her father without knowing and wants to live with him in heaven so she kills herself after her husband leaves the house. Please help me!

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  • 4 years ago
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    Here's an example i wrote that you could use and edit to your liking:

    The door slammed shut. The wind and guilt flurried around the room as *husband* left. With a deep breath, *princess* walked towards *room with knife*. She clasped the handle with two shaking hands and saw the reflection of a killer in the blade. Fear climbed her throat and twisted her breath. She turned around to acknowledge the absence of humans. She was the only living person there, and it was all to end soon. "Father, I'm sorry. I love you, I miss you, as you are so far away. I promise, this will be no more, father, I promise."

    So yeah, theres that. Try to describe the speed of the knife, how it plunges into her skin, the blood it draws immmediately, every thought she has in her head, her heartbeat, the pace in which the blood pours from her body, the way the skin breaks, how pale/ dark her skin is, the place she is cutting/stabbing, how fast she dies, the color of the blood, just every detail. Happy writing!

  • 4 years ago

    This will not get her to Heaven, as she would be punished for murdering herself.

    • fluffy4 years agoReport

      I know that but she doesn't think that way in the story.

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