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Who will win the 2016 Super Bowl?

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    I'm going to pick a really dark horse.

    I think the Colts may do it. I know with them being at a 4-5 record and imploding at the start of this season that it seems very improbable and maybe it is.

    But if you look at their games in a little more detail:

    1. The Colts just knocked off the Broncos. They've knocked off Peyton and the Broncos 3 out of 4 times now. They should have no problem knocking off the Broncos in the playoffs.

    2. They took the Panthers to overtime and really should have beaten the unbeaten Panthers.

    3. They led the Pats at halftime and were within 1 touchdown of the Pats with the final score and had a chance to tie the game at the end even with some bad playing.

    4. They've beaten the Packers and Seahawks in the past with Andrew Luck.

    The Colts had a really rough start to the year. But a lot of that rough start was due to the offensive play calls. Pep wasn't really adjusting the plays like he should. The offensive line was having penalties. And Luck was throwing a ton of interceptions. They switched out to Chud who helped Cam Newton to one of the best rookie quarterback starts ever as the offensive coordinator of the Panthers. And the offensive line has almost no penalties against the Broncos. And Andrew Luck threw 0 interceptions against the best passing defense in the entire NFL.

    Not only that, but the Colts have the best running game I've ever seen them have. Gore is an incredible running back. And then they brought back Bradshaw. For those that don't know Bradshaw, he's nearly as good as Gore and at times maybe better.

    Not only that, but the Colts have more receiving threats than ever with the exception of the loss of Dorsett. However, that has even come with a nice little unexpected bonus. When Dorsett went out injured the Colts moved up Whalen. Whalen is looking better than ever. He looks a lot like Julian Edelman out there now. And now the Colts have Hilton, Fleener, Johnson, Moncrief, Allen, and Doyle. Doyle is playing surprisingly good.

    And the Colts have finally found a good punt returner that is getting good yardage in Quan Bray.

    Not only that but the defense is doing a good job of making stops and Robert Mathis is back fully healthy. Then there are guys like Lowery making a nice impact.

    The Colts also have a very easy schedule to finish off the season. They might even complete a 4th straight 11-5 season. Their toughest game left will be Atlanta and they have the bye week to prepare for them.

    This is a team that really starts getting it together come the playoffs. They've won 1 more playoff game each year with last year reaching the AFC Championship. The Pats are no longer blowing the Colts out. The Colts are regularly beating the Broncos. The Broncos knocked off the Packers. The Colts practically had the Panthers beat. And they came that close with an offensive coordinator making bad play calls and Luck playing bad. They are now making better play calls with Chud and Luck is starting to play well.

    The Colts might have looked like they were done. But so did a lot of other teams that have won the Super Bowl. The Giants looked that way when they barely made the playoffs then beat the Pats and won the Super Bowl. The Steelers looked that way when they barely made the playoffs, beat the Colts then went on to win the Super Bowl.

    The Colts are a team that has played the best teams in the league close when they were playing bad. And now they are starting to get hot. I think they could be a major surprise come the playoffs.

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    Green Bay Packers

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    Famous Footballer Before And After 2016

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    The team with the most points at the end of the game will be awarded the win

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    The Packers

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    comeback in February 2016 and everyone will definitely have an answer!

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    Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Peyton Manning deserves one more ring before he retires.

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    You have to wait 'til the date. Dumbest question yet!

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