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Christmas list ideas for teen girl?

I know it's early but I have family members asking for a list because I will be out of town for a while. Problem is I have no clue! Please give specific and not general ideas that are somewhat cheap. Thank you!

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    hi! hope this helps:

    clothes (lululemon, american eagle, american apparel etc:)

    shoes (converse, uggs)

    a north face




    bath and body works products

    victorias secret perfumes

    brandy melville jewlery

    concert tickets


    makeup (benefit, elf, urban decay, NYX)

    hope this helps..merry christmas :)

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    Pandora bracelet/charm - especially the Christmas range and a chain to prevent you from losing it.

    Books - any teen or young adult books you might like. Go on Goodreads or scroll through Amazon and find some things.

    Selection boxes, chocolate orange, food stuffs.

    Pyjama sets, slippers and fluffy socks. Every teen girl likes those - I'm 22 and still ask for them.

    Microwavable stuffed animal to keep you warm at night.

    Phone cases

    Board games such as monopoly, etc

    Video games of your choice

    Makeup or a voucher for somewhere like MAC or Urban Decay to get you some nice makeup. Also vouchers or cash for your favourite clothing shops.

    Hair dryer

    You really should be able to choose yourself.

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    5 years ago

    Hello Kitty sun dress

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago


    i phone

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