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Caitlin asked in PetsCats · 4 years ago

Kitten won t eat!?

Hi, I got a new, orphaned, male kitten about five days ago and he was neutered a week ago and was estimated to be between 8-10 weeks. His mother was feral and got hit by a car and a man had him for a couple of days until I took him. The first day we had him he wouldn t eat at all but was very playful and used the litter box a few times. I kept trying to get him to eat both wet and dry kitten food but he only smells it and walks off. He still won t eat and it s been almost five days and he only sleeps. He doesn t want to play and he doesn t go to the bathroom very often. He is very skinny and you can feel his ribs and spine. He is nice and has never hissed and growled at me and wants to be pet all the time and is very comfortable with me but I still don t understand why he won t eat. Is there anything you recommend I should do or try. Please help! Thanks.


My kitten had feline leukemia and there was nothing they could do and recommend I put him down. Thank you for your helpful answers.

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  • 4 years ago
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    I know you said the cat has been neutered, but you may want to make sure he was also de-wormed and checked for parasites. Kittens can get worms/parasites from the momma cat. Being feral, most likely the momma cat had worms and/or parasites. If the kitten has parasites/worms and they haven't been treated, that can cause them to go off their food. Getting that treated is pretty easy if it's worms (not sure about other parasites), they just squirt the medicine into the back of the kittens throat and they're better in about 24 hours.

    If the cat is not used to eating things other than mommas milk or 'hunted' food, you will need to aclimatize the kitten to eating the food you have. Wet food is usually easier to start with, just put some on your finger and wipe a little bit off onto the top of the kittens mouth/in their mouth. The kitten has to taste the food and get used to it/see it tastes good before they will ever eat it out of a bowl. We had a kitten about the same age that we had to repeat this method a couple times over the course of about 5 - 10 minutes, and then it started eating it right from the can (and later the bowl).

    Is the kitten drinking? If not, the kitten is probably sick in some way and should go to the vet.

    Hope this helps. :)

    • Caitlin4 years agoReport

      Thank you but he has been wormed because he did have them and he is not drinking either but I will try to feed him the wet food like you said to.

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  • 4 years ago

    This is why I spend so many hours socialized my little kitten from my local shelter. After about 8 weeks it is really difficult.

    If your kitten was neutered, he is at least 2 pounds which meanes he is at about 2pounds,

    Your main objective is to now socialize your kitten.

    First of all, you need to find his "food". Now, he is an obligate carnivore so he needs meat as his body can't produce the taurine to survive.

    Now that your eyes are glazed over, just try cheap brands to get your kitten to eat.

    Try a pole toy to play with him.

    A male cat needs to dominate. He needs a challenge even if it is a toy. Provide running, capturing for his needs as a cat.

    I feed my obligate carnivores a raw food diet so they can hut,kill, eat. I make raw food and they can't have it as early as they want (which is sun upK) too early for me. But once the "capture me" I get up in a fog and provide them the food they need.

    It is hard and a commitment, but I love my kittens


    • Caitlin4 years agoReport

      I have tried many different kinds of food but he does take an interest in the Friskies wet food but only licks it a couple of times and walks off. He is also very social with me and purrs all the time just no eating and he just used the litter box but has diarrhea.

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