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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 6 years ago

Am I in the wrong? Or is my boyfriend?

Well he works full time making about 20 $ an hour. I work part time making minimum wage at the job HE helped me get. I make enough to make my car payment and credit card payment every month. I ask my boyfriend for gas/food more often than I used to. I used to make more working at McDonald's but it was a half hour away from my house. My boyfriend wants me to go back to mcd but I feel like the drive everyday will be hard on my car. My boyfriend is complaining about me not making enough money. BUT every night he'll go buy beer.......

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  • 6 years ago
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    Best thing to do is work more hours on another part time job.

    You can get 1/2 off meals or free meals at a fast food place close to you.

    Or clean a house. One day can pay 40 dollars or more. I house a week gives to gas and food money. And some times free meals.

    If he buys the beer and comes home and drinks it at home, you are lucky he's at home.

    And if there is a break up between you and him, you need to make more money.

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