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People who've worked in film - what's the best way to record sound for comedy sketches? Is it throughout the camera, dubbed, or with mics?

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    Best way to record sound for any sort of motion picture film is to record it live with double system audio recording. What they always do in the film industry is that the camera department records the picture on camera, and then the sound department records the sound with a microphone and a recorder. And then in post production, they sync the sound and picture together. Nowadays, they usually use lavalier microphone in TV shows since it is wireless, which works great with the tight deadlines. However, booming with a shotgun microphone is still (and i believe always will be) the most common method to record sound in film. Sometimes they do both, sometimes they plant microphones into places (like a plant, or a bookshelf) on set.

    To answer your question, they record sound according to what the environment they are filming in and what sort of actions are happening in the scene. There are a ton of methods to record sound on set. Filmmakers do not prefer ADR(dubbing) since the performance of the actors will be lost (it's just not the same when it's live). You could record sound through the camera (not with the camera) if your camera has XLR connections to connect the microphones.

    It does't matter if it's comedy sketches, or drama, it really depends on the location, the action, the wardrobe, etc. I would recommend you to read an article by Fred Ginsburg called "The 'Hollywood' Approach to Better Location Sound". It's a super short, easy, yet in-depth article to read about how they record sound in the film industry.

    (1): http://northbeachpost.com/audio-primer-topics/prod...

    (2): http://northbeachpost.com/audio-primer-topics/prod...

    Best of luck!

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    Always best to record live. Either with a boom mic or with lavs (small microphones on the body) Or both. If the shots are tight, then boom mic (that's the microphone on a long pole) works great, but if it's a wide show and you can't get it close enough to the actors, then lavs are necessary.

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