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Cheap ssd?

What is the best Cheap ssd? it has to be enugh for windows 10, and preferablely under $50

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    Right at $50. That will be enough for Windows 10, but not much else. Technically you could put Windows 10 on a 32GB SSD, but the page file and swap space would be non-existent, decreasing performance.

    Definitely get another drive if you are going to run with this.

    There are some that are less than that, but that's when you start heading into low quality. Corsair makes very good SSD's

    I've had the 128GB model of this in my computer for the past 4 years, so I would recommend this.

    If you don't like this one, just hit up Newegg, Amazon, or Tiger Direct (Assuming you live in EU or NA) and check out some of their stuff. I would go with Corsair, Crucial, Samsung, OCZ, or Kingston, as they are the major brands.

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    Not possible.

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