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Is it common for international first class USPS mail to go "missing" once it reaches the destination country?

I sent a small bubble mailer via USPS first class to my friend in Asia way back in MAY. She claims that she never received it. I didn't get a tracking number, and the customs number didn't show up on the USPS tracking website until OCTOBER for some reason. The customs "tracking" showed that the package "Arrived at USPS Facility, Chicago, IL 60666" way back on May 22nd, one day after I mailed it. However, it never says that it departed or processed through Chicago; only ARRIVED.

I called up USPS Customer Service about 2 weeks ago, and the rep said they couldn't see any problems on their end. I never received any letter from customs about problems either. My friend never received any customs notice either.

So, do you think that someone stole the package overseas? I don't really care to be reimbursed, but it is bugging me that the package just seemed to vanish into thin air...I did realize that I put the "zip code" next to the street address on the customs form rather than the zip code line.... Could that be causing a hold up?... I have sent my friend bracelets and necklaces in the past (within the last 2 years), and USPS 1st class international never took longer than 3 weeks to reach her. Is there a chance it is coming back to me and may just be taking a year?? Or do you think it is gone for good?

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    Putting the postcode in the wrong place is not a problem at all. The postage sticker from the post office would be used for machine sorting. It only goes through customs in the destination country, not in the US.

    Without tracking it's not possible to know where it has been. Missing parcels is still very uncommon. Sometimes USPS will not accept mail for certain counties if there has been a problem getting mail delivered. They are looking out for you. Still, I suspect yours is never going to be seen again.

    Source(s): Retired USPS
  • Lili
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    No, it's not "common". That doesn't happen often.

    However, every now and then, something DOES get lost. Any one of many things could have happened to it, and no one here can tell you what it was. It's rather silly even to ask. We are not mind readers or otherwise omniscient.

    If the shipping agency can't provide you with anything in terms of information, then claim on the insurance. If you didn't purchase insurance, well, then, you may be at a loss with which no one here can help you.

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    Sounds to me like it never left Chicago. If it got to Chicago but was never tracked as leaving then it probably fell into a crack there or into someone's pocket at that location. I'd insist that the USPS tell me why they can't track it beyond Chicago.

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    You say you sent gifts in a package to Asia. If by "Asia" you mean the Philippines, it probably got stolen. They're a bunch of thieves there. Not all of them, but a LOT of them.

    If not, then disregard this answer.

    Source(s): American Filipino, I've had mail go "missing" in the Philippines before.
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    you can not track first class mail and it takes a long time to get there. they want you to pay double for express mail.

    It is not uncommon for mail to be lost and depending on the country it may be fairly common for the postal workers to steal packages.

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