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So I auditioned for the National Youth Theatre 2 years ago and didn t get in and because I love acting, I ve thought I may as well give it another go. Maybe I ll get lucky if I practise enough. But I digress. There s two things I m having a problem with. Firstly, I don t really know where to find a monologue. Websites that have lists of them aren t normally any good because I can t find the plays they come from. Secondly, I m not sure I can afford a professional head shot. Last time I just took a picture but I m older and wiser now and I don t think a standard picture is good enough.

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  • 5 years ago
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    I do have a suggestion for finding good monologues. Stop looking at websites, and look directly for PLAYS. Find two or three plays that seem to be interesting enough for you to read them through in their ENTIRETY. Of course, you can read a synopsis of the plot and character descriptions to decide if the play might have a character you could conceivably play. When you read an entire work, you get a better sense of how a character's speech fits into the story, and a clearer view of who this person you are trying to portray actually is. If you DON'T get "it" at all, time to choose another play and a different monologue. Online monologue websites are either a bunch of overdone monologues from films (which means you aren't even getting a monologue from a theatrical play), or they are a bunch of corny, amateurish writing that are not from any published play meant for an actual performance in a theatre in front of an audience.

    Another thing...unless you "practice" acting by getting actual parts in plays and workshops where you get to interact with other actors around you, then you won't really get better at acting.

    As far as your headshot is concerned, the NYT does not require professional studio photos, but submitting a RECENT photo of yourself is required. It needs to be clear shot of your face with no distracting background--so shoot against a blank wall or plain drapes--not in front of the bathroom mirror where the toilet and damp towels lying on the floor can clearly be seen. This photo needs to be downloaded with your online application profile. You can get all the details at the official school website. Read all instructions or guidelines carefully if you want to avoid being eliminated from the get go. Anything you don't understand, you contact THEM, not us. Contact information is also on the website.

  • 5 years ago

    Surely you take drama at school or are part of a local youth theatre? Ask your teacher (or the drama teacher if you are doing other options) or the acting teacher. You will need someone to help you make it perfect by watching you and giving you tips.

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