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Taylor asked in HealthWomen's Health · 5 years ago

Was this my period, or what was it?

So my period should have came around the 28th of October. As it came on the 28th of September. However, I had sex with my boyfriend on October 10th, we used protection, but then it broke so we went without. He pulled out and then came. About a week after this, I had brown, odorless discharge? It wasn't heavy like a normal period, but it wasn't just spotting either.. I had no cramps, no signs of it being a period, etc. It was just brown discharge. It lasted about a week(my normal period lasts about 3-4 days). We did have sex a few more times after that.

I'm assuming that was my 'period' because I haven't gotten anything around the 28th, and it's November 4th, and still nothing. It's just weird cause it wasn't at all a normal period. So I don't know what to think about it.

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  • 5 years ago

    It's early, but take a pregnancy test to be sure.

    If you have had sex before, and never had this problem.. somethings up. If could even be an STD, but the signs of an STD would continue in different ways. Maybe the sex was too rough? Not sure if that's the case, but could cause bleeding/or left over period blood to be discharged.

    Take a test just to be 100% and be cautious as your next period might show up at any time.

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