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MJM asked in Entertainment & MusicRadio · 4 years ago

Does anyone know what the trivia answers and VIP codes are for 99.5 The River WRVE Albany NY and other stations for 11/04/15?

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  • sasha
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    4 years ago
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    Pop Culture - By The Sea

    Animals & Nature - He was a bait dog

    TV Fix Video - Thursday

    World News - Less than 1 million births

    Food and Recipes - Help yourself but be considerate

    Travel The World - 6 hours

    Crazy Daily Video - They got arrested

    Big game - 7

    Blockbusters - Mary Steenburgen

    Book worm - April

    Fun Fall - Johnny Mercer

    Get your game - F1 2015

    Healthy - Energy

    Music quiz - Tutti Fruity

    Sports - 20 minutes

    Super heroes - Thanos

    The Dish - Garlic

    Turkey Day - Jerry Seinfeld

    TV - Charles Gibson

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  • Bob
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    4 years ago


    Town – Milwaukee

    Cafe’ – Cranberry

    Scott’s Team – Buffalo Bill’s

    Artist – Tyler Farr

    Facebook – CMA

    Big Game Trivia: 7

    Blockbusters: Mary Steenburgen

    Book Worm Trivia: April

    Buzzworthy Trivia:

    Country Livin': Chris Stapleton

    Country Music Trivia: Tollison

    Fun Fall Trivia: Johnny Mercer

    Get Your Game On: F1 2015

    Healthy Knowledge: Amount Of Energy In Food

    Music Pop Quiz: CBS

    Music Quiz: Tutti Fruity

    Music Skills – Drake

    Pop Clips Trivia: $230

    Rock Music Trivia:

    Sports Trivia: 20 minutes

    Super Heroes: Thanos

    The Dish Trivia: Garlic

    Turkey Day Trivia: Jerry Seinfeld

    TV Trivia: Charles Gibson

    Classic Rock Challenge...The Lively Ones

    Activision buys "Candy Crush" maker: 60%

    Amazon opens physical bookstore: Seattle

    Auto sales on the road to a record 2001

    Black Friday and Retail: November 1st

    Chipotle restaurants remain closed amid ...: 43

    Is Iran the next holiday hotspot?: 2025

    Kim K Trades Stilettos for $300 Slides: Givenchy

    Man Tries To Steal Car In Front Of Jail: Snacks

    Puppy rescued after being stuck in sewer...: 4 hours

    Trump accuses Fed of keeping rates low t..: Red

    Animals & Nature Trivia: He was a bait dog

    Crazy Daily Video Trivia: They got arrested

    Food And Recipes Trivia: Help yourself but be considerate

    Pop Culture Trivia: By The Sea

    Travel The World Trivia: 6 hours

    TV Fix Video Trivia: Thursday

    World News Trivia: Less than 1 million births

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  • beth
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    4 years ago


    6:25: stew

    9:25: fireplace

    BTW: madonna

    4:25: outcome

    email bonus : tenor


    6:00: king tut

    9:00: reese

    10:00: warm

    4:00: candy

    7:00: December

    Randy bonus : school

    Iheart fes

    Source(s): Radio Thanks for yesterday's BA :)
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  • Kathy
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    4 years ago

    FM106; Team is Buffalo Bills; Town is Milwaukee; Artist is Tyler Farr; Facebook is CMA; Café is Cranberry.

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