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Sammy Watkins or DeSean Jackson?

My top 2 WR's are on bye this week, and I have to roll the dice on one of these two injury-prone wideouts. I currently have

Watkins is on my bench, but his availability is still up in the air. Jackson has said he will play this week, but facing New Englang this week.

For Week 9 and for the rest of the season, who is the best pick here?

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    Three reasons that I'd go with Jackson (assuming they both play; if only one of them plays, your decision will be made for you).

    1. He is unquestionably the Redskins' deep threat, and the most dynamic WR on their roster. No one else has been able to fill that role while he's been out.

    2. He has a better QB. QB has been a train wreck for the Bills for a couple of years now; one of the reasons Watkins has failed to do much of anything so far in his career is lack of a decent QB to throw him the damn ball.

    3. Jackson, if he can get healthy, is playing for his next contract. The Redskins have already hinted strongly that they won't be keeping Jackson after this season. That means if D. Jax wants to get paid, he's got about half a season now to audition for some other NFL team to sign him (and more importantly, pay him).

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  • Noah
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    4 years ago

    Watkins does have the most upside between the two but he has been injured all season and he hasn't been at that level of consistency. In the games he has played, he has done fairly well collecting 2 TDs but you want to keep an eye on him for this coming week.

    DeSean Jackson appears to be ready for this week's game against the Pats since Week 1. Pats secondary isn't the best in my opinion although they are undefeated, the secondary gets exposed at certain times. I think Washington will look to get Jackson the ball this week because the Pats do have a pretty strong underated D-Line.

    As of now, play Jackson for this week.

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    Jackson did practice some today; Watkins did not. It's still not clear if either of them will be able to play this week. If they do both play, put Jackson in the lineup. New England has allowed the 6th most fantasy points to WRs while Miami has allowed the 13th most. Playing guys against New England isn't that bad especially WRs. Teams often fall behind and end up throwing early and often in an attempt to come back.

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