I am a lesbian pedophile. I am 15 year old Nigerian girl. I didn't really see myself as a pedophile, or lesbian. I have urges, I hide them.?

I go to church, and I always volunteer to be a Sunday school teacher. I like working with kids, it is fun(I don't sexually touch them, and I keep my fantasies to myself). I know that I have a problem, but I couldn't tell anyone about my urges or my sexuality. My family has no tolerance for homosexuality, so I try to hide my personal life. I had no one to talk to, so I fell into depression for two months. My grades in school went from B+ to a C, and I can't afford to be a C average student. My sexual attraction to children got stronger, and I convinced myself to stop being a Sunday school teacher. I honestly feel terrible I do not want to be a lesbian, or a pedophile.


Thank you, Ivan! I am thankful of your response.

I made this account today, and I created it for help, but specifically for a counselor( Someone to talk to).

@Anonymous, I know I have a sick mind! Thank you for your useless two cents, smh...

Update 2:

I don't act on any of my urges, I keep myself from giving hugs, or receiving hugs to ensure that I don't do ANYTHING! I understand that the consequences are dire.

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    first of all , you need to find someone who you can trust to , you are 15 so it's normal for you to feel these kind of things happening to your body , however the fact that you feel attraction to children it's certainly something disturbing , but since you are looking for help , there are many factors to take into consideration

    first of all , feel confortable with who you think you are , if you like girls , that's ok , if you like men that's ok as well

    2 : take into consideration , that children are innocent and they shouldn't be harrased in any way , so whatever you think you can do to them , forget it , it will make you feel worse

    3 : seems like you are confused , I mean you are 15 and you are already thinking about grown up stuff , focus on getting better grades and in living a quiet life , and the whole thing about not wanting to be a lesbian is something only you can decide , take your time to decide weather you feel comfortable while being with a woman or not

    4 : depression is certainly one of the worst things that can happen to a person , and so for that I would like to tell u that under any circunstances , let depression take control over your life , in fact think about life as if it was a rollercoaster , when it is getting up , everything is fine , but when the moment comes , to the roller coaster , to go down , you feel like you just wanna die , I mean after all , it makes you be scared , well it's the same with life , life has its ups and downs and just as the rollercoaster you should see life as a game that it's been made to enjoy , now sth that could help you get out from that depression is to talk to people from around the world , get into a webpage where you can talk to a penpal and start exchanging messages with different people , time will pass and you will see that you are not alone

    I truly hope you can get better and I wish you all the luck in the world

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    And you are a troll with a sick mind...

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