Do you join a swat team through the police or is it part of the fbi or cia and what are the requirements?

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    5 years ago
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    If you are not smart enough to understand that what you see on TV about cops, CIA, FBI is simply BS for entertainment then you are not smart enough to get into and police department or the FBI.

    If the CIA had a SWAT team they would all be arrested since unlike on TV CIA agents are not only not armed while on US grounds but cannot act.

    FBI has both SWAT and HRT teams. You have to be an special agent with the FBI to get on. Just like with most SWAT type teams with the police it is not a full time assignment but just an extra job along with their regular work.

    To be police SWAT you have to be a cop with a department that has a SWAT team or that contributes and officer or two to a regional SWAT team.

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    The CIA doesn't do LAW ENFORCEMENT.

    Both local police and the FBI have units commonly referred to as SWAT teams.

    You CAN'T 'join' any of them, You have to have YEARS of experience in the agency to APPLY for any openings.

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    There's specialist teams in each of those agencies you mentioned I'm perplexed why you keep asking the same questions over and over again

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