What Was Halloween 2004 Like?

It's almost Halloween of 2015, and I'm wondering what it was like in 2004. I know that there was a huge NFL game between the Patriots and the Steelers, and how the Steelers won(but the Pats beat them there in the AFC championship), and also how the shooting on Degrassi took place on Halloween that year. At the same time, we had a wicked important election that year between Bush and Kerry, so I know a lot of the country was focusing on that more instead of Halloween. Wherever you are, was it much different than today? Were the kids pranksters and assholes more or were they better behaved? I know it's only been 11 years, but how different was it?

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  • 5 years ago
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    At the time, I was still a young happy 12 year old kid filled with joy and hope for the future as well as being optimistic, entering my first year of Middle School. Everytime I go trick-or-treating, I always wear my favorite costume such as Spiderman or being an Army soldier during trick-or-treating. At the same time, though, there was a intense debate between George W. Bush and John Kerry. It was so tense because it was one year after we invaded Iraq and there was a lot of intense criticism towards George W. Bush and the way he handled things.

    Other than that, it was not much different than today, and halloween tv commercials and movies are always on throughout the moth.

  • Darren
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    5 years ago

    We were at war with Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan, which was a bigger story than the Patriots/ Steelers game. America was still feeling the effects of 9-11 and terrorist attacks were taking place around the world. People didn't have much confidence in George W. Bush (we would later learn he was wrong about his insistence of Iraq possessing "weapons of mass destruction) but were worried that Kerry was not necessarily a better alternative.

    Otherwise, it was not much different. Kids have always played pranks on Halloween and yes, some could be assholes while others behaved. Things haven't changed much since Halloween 11 years ago.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Which shooting did you mean on Degrassi?

    The one where that guy in the wheelchair got shot or the one at the prom?

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