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How to lose weight + gain muscle on a budget?

I'm 4'11, 230lbs~(it fluctuates around 225-230). I've been having a lot of health problems due to my weight, and my appearance upsets me. Now, I've ALWAYS been fat, so, I don't really know how to lose weight or eat healthy(in addition to me being a super picky eater who doesn't eat beef or pork, with a big sweet tooth)...

I'm a home schooled 15yo girl and I'm at a loss. All my father does is buy junk food(I DO go to the grocery store with him, but he just yells at me when I try to sway him), and I don't have the money for exercise equipment.

Muscle wise, I just think muscles are cool and I enjoy lifting weights. Plus I want to be able to literally pick up chicks.


I doubt a gym will be an option(unfortunately) because I don't have any method of transportation.

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    Eat only whole, fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts, limited dairy, whole grains and stay well hydrated.

    Eliminate all added sugars and sweeteners.

    Limit sodium.

    Don't eat processed, denatured, packaged foods, fast food or eat restaurant foods.

    Start walking at least thirty minutes every day and each day try to walk faster and further than the day before.

    Always take the stairs rather than the elevator.

    Start doing body weight exercises daily to include squats, lunges, toe touches, push up, crunches, leg raises and pull ups.

    Learn about yoga and stretch every morning when you first wake up.

    You can also do a form of modified pull up with two good table chairs and a broom or mop handle.

    The two chairs will also enable you to do dips, incline push ups and other exercises.

    If your father is enabling your obesity by refusing to purchase healthy foods such may be a form of abuse.

  • I had severe insulin resistance for decades from my sugary diet and this caused weight gain and blocked the burning of body fat. I'm a very fussy eater and now I know why - zinc deficiency from insulin resistance. I was also losing magnesium due to insulin resistance (magnesium deficiency the main reason why I craved sugar especially chocolate and I needed to take magnesium supplements to stop eating the sugary foods). I've been deficient in zinc far too long to see much of an improvement but I have discovered I love the taste of tomatoes in a egg, bacon and cheese frittata.

    "Zinc deficiency - Many children are deficient in zinc, a critically important nutrient. Consequences of zinc deficiency are picky eating and a limited appetite. Processed foods, such as bagels, pasta, breads, pretzels, cereals, instant oatmeal, and crackers - which raise blood glucose - easily deplete zinc. Look for foods with fiber content of five grams or more per serving, so as not to raise glucose levels. A lack of zinc distorts the sensory perception of taste, smell, and textures. A zinc deficient palate is unable to detect the subtle flavors of vegetables. Even after correcting the zinc deficiency, eating problems can persist, based on sensory memory."

    The Trojan Horse Technique for Feeding Picky Eaters:

    "Choosing to look at this page is the first step on your weight loss journey. (The more you read this blog, though, I hope you’ll come to realize that weight loss may be a proxy for fixing the more important issues unpinning your health.)

    In the fall of 2009, I was sick and tired of being overweight. I was ready to lose weight, but it wasn’t clear what the right steps to weight loss were. I’m sure my weight loss story is slightly unusual, but I think the lessons I learned about how to lose weight are universally applicable. I was overweight, despite exercising 3 to 4 hours per day – yes, 3 to 4 hours a day. I was pretty sure I was eating the “right” diet, too – a “healthy” diet low in fat and saturated fat. But, I was insulin resistant and based on my family history, I was probably heading towards a heart attack in 20 years. So I began to explore the question: How can I lose weight?"

    To

    How can I lose weight?:

    Source(s): I reversed my severe insulin resistance and now I'm in healthy weight range
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    First of all, You must find low cost gym in your area and join it. Then you can practice some normal exercises first to lose your weight. Then do some power training to gain and shape up your muscles. Good Luck!

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    1. Cardio. Walking/running/elliptical will help you lose weight.

    2. lifting builds muscle, which additionally helps lose weight

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