easiest liberal arts class?

I m an engineering student and am required to take liberal arts classes. I absolutely hate them. I took music my first semester and it was horrible. A lot of my friends also took psychology and said that was bad too. Anyone know what s the easiest class I can take which requires no memorization and has minimal test.

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  • 4 years ago

    well....I go to a liberal arts school, so I don't share your sentiments. Also, as a music major, I'm kinda hurt, but I'll try to help you we go

    What class is a 'liberal arts' class? I don't know

    you said you didn't like music, but could you take theater? (obvious memorization here, but come on, it's really easy to memorize lines)

    What about a religious studies class? (probably minimal testing)

    Modern language? (you can take the same on as you did in high school)

    Creative writing? (no memorization [maybe vocab?] and the class is the test because it's a writing class, done creativity)

    Actual art class? (sounds fun)

    Learn to play and instrument? (memorization yes, but reading music is easy)

    Take and environmental studies class? (<3 I'm also an environmental studies major) (avoid one with a lab like the plague [unless it's a lab with bird watching and marsh tromping, because I did that in my lab once and it was amazing])

    Chemistry in art? (probably some memorization, but I attended a lecture about this the other week and it sounds so cool)

    hope this helps, and I hope you over come your hatred of the liberal arts.

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    4 years ago

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  • 4 years ago

    I studied weather/aviation and had to take those kinds of courses too. I just took a bunch of geography and environmental courses instead of taking whatever 101. I did this for history, writing, art, etc... Take something that mildly interests you, I suppose. You can even check with a counselor to see what counts and see if you can get any ammendments. That's what I did.

  • 4 years ago

    It will really depend entirely on your school and what professor is teaching the class. I would recommend looking up the professors of whatever classes you think you may want to take, and read reviews other students may have posted online about them. They usually not only review the professor but give insight to how the class is in general as well.

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