Comics and Animation: Now that the Batman movie franchise is being redone, who is your fan cast for these characters?

Batman is Ben Affleck and Joker is Jared Leto, if you don't like them in those roles, who would you like to see play them? How about these guys and girls?:







Red Hood-


Robin (Damian Wayne)-

my cast is:

Deathstroke-Liam Neeson

Bane- Michael Chiklis

Catwoman- MIla Kunis

Sportsmaster- Chris Hemsworth

Riddler- Johnny Depp

Nightwing-Brant Daugherty

Red Hood- Taylor Lautner

Batgirl- Jennifer Lawrence

Robin (Damian Wayne)- Asa Butterfield

Who is your Fan Cast?

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  • Jacob
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    5 years ago
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    I don't really have that great an idea for most characters, but I think Jim Parsons could make a good Riddler.

    I'd also really like to see Michael Gambon as Alfred rather than Jeremy Irons (nothing against Jeremy, but he's not old enough considering Ben Affleck is about 50 himself).

    I'd also have liked Ezra Miller to play Nightwing, but sadly that can't happen since he's playing the Flash instead.

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